DFS NBA FanDuel Lineup Advice & Spreadsheet 1/25/17

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We have a nice 10 game slate for tonight, let’s get that money…

(DraftKings & Fanduel Spreadsheets embedded at the bottom)

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**Main Slate

Point Guard

Nothing But Net | Russell Westbrook $12,500 @ NO

NBA FanDuel Lineup 1/25/17

Westbrook is easily the top play on tonight’s slate. In three of his last four games he has gone over 60 FanDuel points and he has a great matchup with the Pels that can’t defend the point guard position very well.

Dunk | Goran Dragic $7,000 @ BKN

Dragic has played fairly well of late, even if he hasn’t had any “eye-popping” games. Tonight he gets the best matchup a point guard could have as the Nets are dead last in DvP.

Half-Court Shot | Jordan Clarkson $5,400 @ POR

With D’Angelo Russell expected to miss a few weeks, Clarkson has seen his minutes increase. His minutes dipped a bit in the Lakers last game due to the blowout nature of the game, but I don’t think the Blazers are good enough to blowout the Lakers. Both these teams play at a high pace, which should benefit all the players in this game.

Blocked Shot | Kyle Lowry $8,400 @ MEM

The defense of Mike Conely and the Grizzlies slow pace make Lowry a bad play for me.

Shooting Guard

Nothing But Net | James Harden $12,100 @ BOS

Much like Westbrook, whenever Harden is on the slate it is hard not to have him as my top play. It is a tough matchup on paper for Harden, but he dropped 54.6 on them earlier this season, and without Avery Bradley in this game, the Celtics will have a hard time defending him.

Dunk | Dion Waiters $6,000 @ BKN

Two straight games of 40-plus FanDuel points and a great matchup with the Nets make Waiters a near must play tonight.

Half-Court Shot | Seth Curry $4,100 vs NYK

After four straight games with over 30 minutes, he fell short of that mark in the last game against the Lakers. Don’t look into that too much, that game was a 50-point blowout and both teams went so far into their bench I thought they might start asking fans to come out and play. You may have to pay attention to who is in and who is out for this game, but if any of the following are out, Curry should see some good minutes; Wesley Matthews, Dirk Nowitzki, or Andrew Bogut.

Blocked Shot | Klay Thompson $6,200 @ CHA

My guess is the Thompson draws Nicolas Batum’s defense, and when you couple that with Thompson being the third or fourth option, I’m looking elsewhere.

Small Forward

Nothing But Net | LeBron James 10,700 vs SAC

NBA FanDuel Lineup 1/25/17

James just called out the entire organization in the midst of this losing streak and a bad loss to the Pelicans. Look for him to come out very motivated to put his team on his back to get this victory.

Dunk | Robert Covington $5,400 @ MIL

Covington has three straight 30-plus FanDuel point games, and tonight gets a matchup with a Bucks team giving up 41.45 FanDuel points over the last four weeks to small forwards.

Half-Court Shot | Brandon Ingram $4,400 @POR

For every Lakers player on this slate, ignore their last game and pretend it never happened. Those type of blowouts don’t happen often in the NBA. As long as D’Angelo Russell remains out, Ingram will get over 30 minutes per game and at his $4,400 price, he should have no trouble reaching value against the Blazers.

Blocked Shot | None

Power Forward

Nothing But Net | Anthony Davis $10,900 vs OKC

As long as Davis plays, he may be the top play dollar for dollar on the slate. He has already played the Thunder twice this season and he dropped 59 and 67 Fanduel points on them. Because his injuries that have shortened his minutes, or kept him out entirely, his price has fallen under 11k for the first time since early January, a great time to play him.

Dunk | Enes Kanter $6,300 @ NO

Kanter has played well in the two games against the Pels this year, putting up 34 Fanduel points in both games. It’s well documented that the Pels struggle to defend power forwards and centers despite the presence of Anthony Davis.

Half-Court Shot | None

Blocked Shot | Julius Randle $6,500 @ POR

His production of late has been down and his price hasn’t dropped enough to reflect it. It’s a good matchup, so maybe he breaks his slump, but I’m not counting on it.


Nothing But Net | DeMarcus Cousins $10,500 @ CLE

I don’t play up often at center, but when I do, I pay up for Cousins. Okay, that was my best attempt at being the most interesting man in the world, but seriously, Cousins is one of the few centers I’d pay 10K-plus for and with Rudy Gay out, his usage has gone up even more.

Dunk | Marc Gasol $8,400 vs TOR

Gasol is another favorite of mine to pay up for, though I don’t think I’d pay much more than what his price is now. The Raptors are a tough matchup on paper, but coming off three days rest in a home game, I’ll pay his price tonight.

Half-Court Shot | Greg Monroe $5,400 vs PHI

Blocked Shot | Hassan Whiteside $9,200 @ BKN

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