DFS NBA FanDuel Lineup Advice & Spreadsheet Easter 4/16/17

Happy Easter everyone! I’m going to keep it short and simple tonight as I’m short on time. I hope the Easter Bunny brings everyone a GPP victory today!

Today’s spreadsheet…

DFS NBA FanDuel Lineup Spreadsheet Easter 4/16/17

What I See…

Russell Westbrook or James Harden?

This will be everyone’s decision today. The spreadsheet says it’s Westbrook. My gut says Harden. If you want to really take a risk in a GPP, fade them both. That’ll be a risk I won’t be taking, but if they were to both struggle, you could be in for a nice payday.

Isaiah Thomas $8,200

NBA Fanduel Lineup 4/16/17

There was some tragic news for Thomas today. His sister died in a car accident, and while he is expected to play, I’m not sure what state of mind he will be in. Maybe he uses basketball to escape that tragedy and plays the best game of his life, or he is distracted and realizes there are bigger things in life than basketball. It is anyone’s guess. Prayers for him and his family.

C.J. McCollum $6,800

He is by far the cheapest of the “best” graded players but it will be a tough matchup with underrated defender Klay Thompson. I’m sure he will make it into at least one of my lineups.

Value Value Value

The top six “values” according to the sheet all come from the same game. The Thunder at the Rockets game has by far the highest over/under of any game on the slate, and that boosts the grades of both teams role players. Picking the right ones will be the difference between winning and losing. Enes Kanter and Steven Adams are the two I like the most from a “safe” standpoint. Lou Will has the highest upside.

Small Forward

Yesterday small forward was pretty stacked and shooting guard was basically a black hole. Tonight, small forward is the black hole. Kevin Durant or Jimmy Butler? And if you’re playing Westbrook of Harden, can you even afford them?

Draymond Green $6,800

Green is dramatically underpriced in my opinion. Yes, Kevin Durant is back, but $6,800?? I don’t play Green very often, but I think I will tonight.

Dwight Howard $7,400

Howard is graded really low, but I actually like him on this slate. He dropped 40-plus on the Wizards twice this year, and with Marcin Gortat struggling defensively and Bizmak Biyombo out for this game, Howard could have a huge game.

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Originally published at GoingFor2.com.