Three ways to react to the rise of the machines
Keith McNulty

I am not sure I agree with the choices, plus the whole Terminator reference is blatant fear-mongering. Interventionism isn’t realistic to me. Nor is laissez-faire smart, it just sets up many people for suffering. Fighting AI for AI’s sake is the closest, but even that fails to simply embrace the new reality of super savvy machine learning computer.

Like the industrial revolution, new skill sets were needed to succeed in a changed economic environment. What would be most useful is retraining the workforce to better manage AI and to focus on areas where human emotional intelligence can benefit the economy. If we have a serious conversation that don’t invoke HAL 9000 and Agent Smith at every turn, we can avoid more suffering as well as a proverbial freak out. As one company in the space likes to say 1 human +1 AI = 3 persons output.

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