A look back. I am a Dem and I voted for Trump. Let’s talk about it… #DemExit
Adam Townsend

A typically ideological (iconoclastic) opinion frustratingly presented as if it is fact-based reasoning. There are a lot of psychological benefits to iconoclasm (“I was inadequately indoctrinated”), naturally. Fact-based reasoning is more dull, but more compelling. I remain unconvinced that we have reached a “post critical thinking” era requiring bombastic feelings-based Trump style leadership vs. traditional rational reasoning.

Jonathan Gruber making elitist comments doesn’t prove the ACA was designed to be a “transfer of taxpayer wealth to insurance companies”. Critical thinking would assist with assessing claims like this.

You appear prone to conspiracy theories in general. No fact check article is going to agree with your assessment of the Clinton foundation as the most corrupt charity of all time, of course. Trump believes global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. You don’t comment, but it’s easy to imagine you also believe there is a conspiracy that has infected mainstream science (it would certainly be consistent with your general position of feelings-based outrage vs. rational assessment). Trump of course is a famously irrational conspiracy theorist (birtherism etc.)

“Islamophobia: The Obama administration has forcibly removed ‘Islamic Terrorism‘ and ‘Radical Islam‘ from our vernacular” — this is painful, and it’s hard to say anything nice about the claim. Have you been visited by the authorities for your rebellious (you imagine) use of these terms? Your paranoid belief that Obama is (implicitly) working to advance Islamic jihadism is generally filed (accurately) under the umbrella of Islamophobia.

“I believe that the symbolism of a black President shielded Obama from the evaluation, discussion, transparency and criticism that citizens must demand of their leader” … “Can political correctness kill?” You are clearly prone to all the psychological ingroup animus that consumes American political discourse and right-wing message channels. If you wish *not* to appear like you believe white guys such as yourself are getting a bum rap, you need to learn how to communicate differently. It is of course, nothing new in our political discourse for white gents to compete aggressively for top victim status, and yes Trump is obviously the candidate who is championing that particular “cause”. You appear to be landing in the right place for you (if not, again, any place one could conceivably support with rational argument.)

I rather think you were pretty adequately indoctrinated, Mr. Townsend, though in relatively clever ways that play to your ego and encourage you to believe the opposite.