A tutorial on using AWS CDK for the deployment of cloud applications.

Things in IT are moving fast, and coming from an Ops world is making me feel like I need to go deeper into development if I want to have a chance to still be in the game.


Let’s make a strong and robust architecture to reach your service-level agreements

You’re almost ready to put your application in production, but one question is still on everyone’s lips: Will the application be able to resist a disaster?

Assuming you’re familiar with AWS and Python, today I will discuss how you can quickly test your application in case of an AZ failure.

1. Architecture

Enjoy automation — enlarge your capabilities

One thing I’ve learned during these past years, is that we get quickly bored with repetitive stuffs.

For example, you’re looking for a new car, and don’t want to be fooled, so you are looking every day for a good proposal in many websites……

Another step in the long AWS journey

Here is a quick writing about how to get your certification on your first try, and how to improve your AWS global knowledge to become more efficient at work !

Before starting, first thing to know is that this certification is a “professional”…

Start using the built-in logging module

It’s been a while now since I moved from Bash scripting to Python. Coming from the ops world, I make some mistakes while writing more complex code. The more complex the code is, the more complex it is to debug. …

Have fun with a custom class to play Column4 in console

After my last Tic-Tac-Toe tutorial (link), I wanted to create another shell based game with Python. When I was a child, I was playing a lot at Connect4 (puissance 4 in french), and that game remind me a lot of memories. That’s why I wanted to create my own game…

Level up your Python coding with a quick tutorial

Most often, if you have an Ops background, you’re scared about programming (apologies here but bash scripting isn’t coding). And if someone dare speaks about classes, you will probably be out of the room before the end of the talk.


Build your own producer/consumer to ensure your cluster is healthy

If like me, you’re working as a DevOps, you sometimes need to deploy new middleware versions (maybe for security purposes or to use some new functionalities, etc.). But what will happen if these new versions are not working with your previous configs?

Based on this observation, we have implemented some…

Learn how to save money by managing your RDS databases easily

One big deal with AWS is how to manage your infrastructure to always pay less. In this article, we will talk about how to save some cost regarding your RDS databases, which can become really expansive quickly.

A Postgres…

Quick tutorial with Pandas dataframe and Basemap lib.

Killing time during COVID pandemia allows me a lot of time to to improve my Python skills. I know that Pandas is trendy, and I love space. …

Geoffrey Mariette

Working in IT for 10 years, just want to share with others.

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