a place to hope

‘It is fashionable to espouse the latest cynicism. If we live in hope, we go against the stream. … It takes courage to act in hope.’*

‘Creating the future does not begin with a plan. It begins with a dream, And when someone actions a dream, it begins with a spark.’**

Spaces for hope are never easy or salubrious. It often is a difficult and hopeless place, yet more than being a physical space, hope is found in action. Hope loves to try but struggles with boredom and ennui.

Hope is action because it connects us with who we truly are, a connecting with the energy our life is comprised of:

“It was deep calling unto deep — the deep that my own struggle had opened up within being answered by the unfathomable deep without.^

Hope is found, then when we join the inside and the outside of life, my unique “me” with the absolutely everything, creating a field of possibility for what want to emerge: ‘more comes to those who look for the adjacent possible, the asymmetrical.’^^

“The beautiful truth about the adjacent possible is that its boundaries grow as you explore them. Each new combination opens up the possibility of new combinations.”*^

Sounds hopeful.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.)
(**From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire — eBook version.)
(^A clergyman from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, quoted by William James, and quoted in Alan Lightman’s
The Accidental Universe.)
(^^From Nassim Taleb’s
(*^Stephenb Johnson, quoted in Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s

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