who do you trust?

we believe in you; do you?

The primary battle of this century is with ourselves. It is the battle between the self and the Self — between our existing habituated self and our emerging future Self, both individuals and collectively.’*

“When a great moment knocks at the door of your life,
it is no often louder than the beating of your heart,
and it is very easy to miss it.”**

Do you trust your self?

In telling the story of Pixar, Ed Catmull shares how, when he set out in his work to marry the computer to movies, it just seemed right to him to hire people smarter than himself, and for his team to share their work with a larger community trying to overcome big problems.

You have to have confidence in who your are to be able to do this, even that you’ll be grow and developing for a long timeon the cutting edge of whatever fascinates you most: this is our emerging or future Self, the person we are growing every day.

The name I give to this confidence is humility. To know who we are and the path we must take.

This kind of humility is about loving ourselves, and when we love ourselves, then we can hear and trust ourselves — including what catches our attention and how we move towards this.

We cannot learn these things unless we’re willing to step out and be vulnerable with our dreams and skills and futures: practices in trusting ourselves and others, and get a feel for issues and situations: which gives us information, which we gleam for knowledge, and live as wisdom.

(These days, we’re even learning to trust crowds of people we’ve never met to shape the path we walk to produce our art.)

Choreographer Twyla Tharp tells the story of one of her projects being heavily criticised by the press because of a failing first act, and how she had to trust herself to be the person she was learning through her life to become:

‘My support came from my routine, my sustenance from my rituals of self-reliance.’^

(*From Otto Scharmer’s Leading From the Emerging Future.)
(**Boris Pasternak, quoted in The Northumbria Community’s Morning Prayer for 8 January 2016)
(^From Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit.)