From the “Flowers in Space” Campaign. Photo by Chris Lovos

The “Flowers in Space” Campaign

Geoffrey Nguyen is the Creative Director of /Paradox/, a start up focused on making luxury affordable. This campaign is for their first product offering, /Paradox/ Barbershop. These photos were taken by Chris Lovos, with whom Geoffrey frequently collaborates.

As Creative Director of /Paradox/, one of my duties is to establish a distinct visual direction for the brand.

A few months ago, I decided to go with a floral theme for our first campaign, and we’re continuing that into our second campiagn.

When I think about a new campaign, I’m not just thinking about making it look cool, I’m thinking about how it will make people feel.

From the “Flowers in Space” Campaign. Photo by Chris Lovos

(This is important because our generation understands moods and vibes. If we can’t feel it, we ignore it.)

Everyone has a different starting point when creating or designing something. That point for me (and a lot of people) is music.

Therefore, the main inspiration behind this campaign is a certain album. Just like the music, I wanted the campaign to feel moody, hazy, and dark.

From the “Flowers in Space” Campaign. Photo by Chris Lovos

In my opinion, these images could’ve been used as the album cover and it would’ve fit perfectly.

I’m hoping that when people see these images they hear this album. If /Paradox/ is to be the Barbershop of our Generation, then every part has to be culturally relevant.

The best way to be culturally relevant is to put music/culture in everything you do.

From the “Flowers in Space” Campaign. Photo by Chris Lovos

In the next few months, these images will inspire /Paradox/ marketing materials, products, and more.

Tips for Future Creative Directors

  • Express yourself, not others
  • Think about how something would sound and feel
  • Good design has big plans but simple goals
  • Respect your audience by not putting out crap