So. Saturday night I got this swell award from my alma mater OCAD-U. Distinguished Alumni of some sort. But hey, here’s the best part. I got to say what I wanted to millennials. My heart goes out to them. Everywhere.

When I went to OCAD-U I tried many different things. Print making, painting, metal work, airbrushing,lots. I was very lucky because while the college was in turmoil, it allowed me to find my way a little easier. Which, if you’re in your twenties and seemingly lost, don’t worry. Life is really long and I think your twenties are an amazing time to try lot’s of different things and then find the thing you love and run with it. I was a typesetting salesman(ask your parents or someone old from advertising) an artists rep, a Zippo Lighter salesman and then back again to selling typesetting. Then, I got offered this job as a junior art director. At one half the salary I was making as a sales guy. I took a co-signed loan from my dad so I could keep my apartment and ran with it. I stumbled. I fell. And then succeeded. That’s why I hate the panic the millennials feel. Give it a break. Give them a break. And if you’re one, give yourself a break. You so need that break from “what will I do with my life for the next 81 years and I must decide this week or my uncle won’t speak to me at Thanksgiving even though he’s a registered child molester so I have to hurry this along, so I can answer him and Aunt Verna as to what my next steps might be” kind of stuff. There’s too much pain and suffering out there in the world and you soooo must take your time to decide. There’s no rush. That “finish line” is so far out there. So far. Be free. Do your due diligence on life. The world will wait. And last, if you need me to speak with your parents send me their number and I’ll call them.