With Gene on board, we can help more Americans save money on prescription drugs.

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Gene McKenna, Head of Performance Marketing & Analytics

We’re excited to introduce our new Head of Performance Marketing & Analytics, Gene McKenna, and are thrilled to have him on board.

Gene comes to Blink Health with 15+ years of engineering and performance marketing leadership experience, and will lead our direct-to-consumer strategy and improve the Blink Health platform. …

Kathy Reardon calls on two decades of experience to help Blink Health simplify healthcare.

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Kathy Reardon, Chief Healthcare Counsel

We at Blink Health are excited to welcome Kathy Reardon, our new Chief Healthcare Counsel.

She brings two decades of experience navigating the legal intricacies of the complex and opaque pharmaceutical supply chain. Kathy has served as Chief Ethics Officer at Cigna, Associate General Counsel at Express Scripts and General Counsel at Davita Rx. At Blink, Kathy will lead our legal division on all matters related to healthcare law, regulation and compliance.

Why bring on the best and brightest from the healthcare law and compliance world? Put simply: Bringing transparency and lower drug prices to patients requires people with detailed knowledge of how the current opaque system works, and a courageous will to change it. Having Kathy on board will help us continue innovating on behalf of patients so that Blink Health can provide everyone easy access to the medications they need to live healthier and happier lives. …

His mission: make sure all Americans know they can save with Blink.

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Khurrum Malik, Head of Growth Marketing at Blink Health

We’re thrilled to welcome Khurrum Malik as Blink Health’s new Head of Growth Marketing.

With more than 20 years of product marketing experience at leading companies like Spotify, Facebook, Microsoft and Compass, he’s well positioned to create and implement growth strategies that’ll ensure all Americans know they have the option of saving money with Blink.

That’ll be especially important as we expand our offerings and find more and better ways for Americans to save on their prescription drugs.

Khurrum will lead our brand and creative, product marketing, communications, content marketing and lifecycle marketing strategies. We’re excited to grow faster and more efficiently under his guidance so that we can reach and help more patients who are spending more than they need to on their medications. …


Geoffrey Chaiken

CEO and co-founder of Blink Health, on a mission to bring transparency to the prescription drug industry and make medications affordable for all Americans

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