Leggings or Lives: What Drives the News Cycle?
Shannon Watts

As the child of an airline employee I know that dress codes exist when you travel on employee passes. It is not unreasonable and has nothing to do with sexualization.

What bothers me in this case is that other people (aka YOU) seem to find it ok to complain on another person’s behalf when a)its none of your business and b)You are lacking the full context. It screams of virtue-signalling. The parent who was an employee should have known better, and now United is forced to defend itself to the social media mob court thanks to you.

Further, while your failure to realize the context immediately is forgivable, the fact that your op-ed above and subsequent tweets fails to mention that this is an employee focused policy rather than a customer policy is even more egregious and erodes your credibility.

I’m all for getting guns off the street. One fight at a time sister.

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