Save the bees!

Bees. You may have heard of them before. They look a little something like this…

… and they’re the species that gives us the golden deliciousness that we call honey, of which I’m a big fan of.

Does Penn State have a club literally just about bees?

Of course. That’s Penn State’s Beekeepers Club in a nutshell. According to the site, the club exists “as a space for beekeeping-enthusiasts and for those simply interested in learning about/sharing the beekeeping hobby,” and they do a lot to promote the importance of bees. Why are these little guys so important you ask? Bee-cause they basically feed, well, everyone.

Bee quick facts:

  • It’s thanks to them that we enjoy about a third of the world’s crops
  • They annually pollinate $14 billion worth of US crops
  • Wild bee population is down 23% in the US in 2018 alone due to pesticides
  • They support the growth of trees so basically they make life itself possible

Can we just stop and think about all that for a moment? They deserve better than our pesticides! We owe the species a lot, so shout out to the Penn State Beekeeper’s Club for carrying out a good cause.

Wanna check out Penn State’s Beekeeper’s Club? Check out the link below!