Everyone gets that data is the new oil in the digital economy, but not everyone gets that there is a critical difference between data as records­­-data in databases-and data as signals-data from log files, sensors, social media posts, and the like. Let me explain.

Data as records represent verified facts that express the essence of the activity they record, be that in the form of tables, text, graphs, or images. They are the foundation of Systems of Record upon which rest the integrity of the digital economy and the digital society. …

Here is another real-world challenge to which we can apply the Zone to Win principles.


Hi Geoffrey,

I’ve been reading a lot about your Zone to Win model online, (which I am entirely bought into and I am about to order the book as a result). I run a business unit that was previously an IOU and which has since moved from the Incubation Zone to the Transformation Zone. My business unit now represents over 10% of the revenue of the agency.

My question is this; if we integrate a Transformation Zone Business Unit (BU) into the wider business…

What Happens When the Productivity Zone Rules the Roost?

“You are old, Father William,” the young man said,

“And your hair has become very white;

And yet you incessantly stand on your head-

Do you think, at your age, it is right?”

Zone management is founded on the principle that the core of any company is its Performance Zone, the place where it both “makes the number” and delivers value directly to its customers. The organizations in this zone sell what you make and make what you sell, and everyone else in the company is, or should be, in service to them. Specifically, the Productivity Zone, which hosts all…

One of the fun things about blogging and writing is that you get pinged from time to time with real-world challenges to your perfectly presented blog posts! Here is a recent exchange which helped me clarify my thinking on applying Zone to Win principles to the 3 Horizons Principles.


Hi Geoffrey,

I have been appointed to a Zone 2 Core Team. I’m reading Zone to Win and Alchemy of Growth to understand the concepts and framework better. One obvious evolution in thinking is how many Horizon 2 opportunities a company can be developing concurrently, and who is working on…

Once you get it up and running in full production, the XaaS business model is a beautiful thing. Each fiscal year you start with a greater proportion of your upcoming annual revenue target already booked-provided, that is, that your customers don’t churn.

Aye, there’s the rub!

Which brings us to the topic of XaaS renewals, specifically B2B subscription renewals. There are two kinds of enterprises that are struggling with this issue at present. The first is an XaaS-from-birth company that, having scaled to material size through brisk double-digit sales growth, is now seeing its core business maturing, with growth rates…

In the Age of the Product, customer service ensured that the product lived up to its specifications. Everything after that was the customer’s responsibility, not the vendor’s. In the Age of the Customer, the bar has been raised. Now it is the outcome that must live up to the customer’s expectations, else it is the vendor who is left holding the bag. That requires a whole new function, what the SaaS sector has taught us to call customer success. Let’s take a closer look at what has to change.

First of all, we still need customer service. Products still break…

Data-driven decision-making: who doesn’t think it is a good idea? But it typically has a rough go in the real world of enterprise management, in part because the data itself often proves unreliable. For much of my business life IT has been tasked with building systems that could represent a single source of the truth. Unfortunately, that quest proved to be right up there with the holy grail and the fountain of youth-at best, aspirational, at worst, delusional.

Today we have an opportunity to make a great leap forward, however, because for the first time in history we have broad…

As technological innovation continues to disrupt industry after industry in waves of what Joseph Schumpeter taught us to call “creative destruction,” executive decision-making is being driven down in the organizational hierarchy, closer to the customer, nearer to the action. This in turn is putting pressure on the HR function to deliver programs to develop executive talent faster and better than ever before. They are going to need help.

All development programs are intended to change state, so as good program designers, it behooves us to answer two questions at the outset:

  1. What is the current state a candidate needs to…

Six-Sigma is Not Just for Supply Chains

Okay, so you know a sector is in trouble when there is a Web page in Wikipedia entitled “The Retail Apocalypse.” This post is not about how much trouble retail is in. This one is about how it can get out.

Let’s set the table first. In the past several decades enormous progress has been made on optimizing the supply chain, so much so indeed, that today supply is no longer the scarce ingredient in the economic equation. Instead it is demand-we have more goods than we can sell, and we are all competing for the new scarce ingredient-the customer.

Waking up to a World in which the Customer is King

There is a lot of serious talk in America these days about improving the state of our manufacturing sector. Smart products, Internet of things, robotics, predictive maintenance-all great stuff. But none of it addresses the most fundamental challenge facing the sector: how to deal with a demand/supply inversion which has made the customer king.

By way of background, for the entirety of the 19th and 20th centuries, in virtually every sector of the manufacturing economy, demand exceeded supply, typically by a very great margin. …

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