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Fausto Coppi on his Bianchi, 1952 Tour de France

It’s my sixty-sixth birthday.

I sit outside a downtown watering hole on a fairly sunny day drinking an eight-dollar glass of Sauvignon Blanc, reading a book and watching a subset of the world pass by. My friends in New York City should be aware that most of the time an eight-dollar glass of wine in Troy equals a twelve-dollar glass of wine in Manhattan. Possibly fourteen, if you catch it just right.

Not this one, though. It tastes like the bartender ran out of Sauvignon Blanc mid-pour and just filled the rest of the glass with eight-dollar Pinot Grigio. There’s no one to blame but myself, however, since I ordered it with the full knowledge that it always tastes this way. …

I’m doing a set of pro-bono posters for Unity House, a local non-profit organization that, among other things, assists the victims of domestic violence. A friend of mine works there, and when she asked me to help out I thought Crikeys, I’m so not in the mood for this. Adding mass to my inertia was that fact that I’ve always self-identified as a painter, not a graphic artist.

I do, however, own a computer painting program called Artrage, which I first bought as a $5 app for my iPad (and I remember thinking it was about the best five bucks I’d ever spent) and then later for my Mac at about $50 (It’s now $79, and still very much worth it). …

The General Topography …

So. When the time comes for Bank of America, those poor slobs, to bail out Merrill Lynch they do what Paulson tells them to do and buy the damned thing for cents on the dollar plus a lot of attached baggage. Shortly afterwards the boys at Merrill announce that they’re on track to lose so much fucking money your mouth drops open.

Which is fine, I suppose. BofA knew they were buying a pig in a poke and this, they must have thought, was just part of the reality of that. But what galls everyone is that just before the acquisition, senior management pulls the trigger on a bonus program the size and scope of which would choke a whale. I mean, the secretaries aren’t getting rich, but if you are — just to pick a vice president at random — the one in charge of decorating John Thain’s office then you are definitely looking to buy a new apartment. …


Geoffrey Raymond

I paint the villains of our time, then let people write on them with Sharpies

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