Why Jerry Coyne is wrong about Dave Rubin
Alex Katz

You should stop writing…forever. I have never seen anyone get more things wrong in one short essay in my life. You are clearly a moron who either did NOT in fact watch the interviews and read the posts you claimed to or, you horribly misunderstood the ones you did appear to view. Rubin is FAR from being anything close to Right-wing. He is fair and willing to listen and discuss virtually ANY ideas that have reason and can be thoughtfully articulated and defended by their proponents. He refuses to dismiss things which are CLEARLY existent and relevant in today’s political discussion. This article by Harkinson was a CLEAR AND BLATANT attempt to smear Rubin. A four-year old can see that. Rubin even gave Harkinson an invitation to come on his show and defend his article. Guess what happened? Harkinson chickened out. Quelle surprise?

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