My Circle of Light

I’ve recently been attending here in Moscow the 5th edition of the Circle of Light Festival.

The concept is pretty simple, amazing buildings squares places animated in light shows created by different artists from all over the world.

The result is fantastically impressive. My favorite place to attend this festival was the Bolshoi Theater in the very city center. The building in itself, stunning by day, becomes a real wonder during this festival.

Getting out of the metro station, taking the good exit of course (here I was lucky enough to be guided to that one), I suddenly face a totally different square and building than the one I knew. People all around crowding the place to enjoy a show of magical lights lighting up the theatre. I was now in a fairy Moscow.

From my favorite very ‘Bolshoi Like’ traditional theme playing Tchaikovsky and screening some ballerinas to the most futuristic theme inviting a spaceship to crash the building on a techno/deep house music background, or Historical theme going over some part of Russian past. Even a vibrating ‘Galaxy Bolshoi S6’ for commercials. Unrealistic but true, nobody took the call. I also liked a lot all the foreign projects invited to participle to the festival and their creative ideas on how to mix their culture and the local one, very colorful ‘Mexico’ and ‘India’.

I so much loved it that I was ready to watch it a second time in a row, if it wasn’t the cold.

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