MONTREAL, QC, June 21, 2016

Veri Gives Celebrities Safe Option for Virtual and IRL Fan Meetups

Increasingly the world’s newest rock stars aren’t getting their starts in seedy clubs or through endless and relentless touring. The next generation of rock stars aren’t even all musicians. Some are gamers, some are poets, and others are puppets. Social media has forever changed what it means to be a celebrity and how the entertainment industry works.

This new crop of social celebrities has disrupted the gatekeepers by going directly to their fans. The authentic relationship between artist and fan has never been more critical to the artist’s financial, cultural, and artistic fortunes. But, until now there has also never been a way to safely facilitate fan and artist interactions either virtually or IRL.

New Technology for a New Kind of Celebrity

Veri is an exciting new startup that promises to power the next wave of social celebrities. The technology behind Veri’s app will give artists more freedom to safely meet and connect to fans, while also giving artists access to new income streams. Veri gives every social celebrity the power of a world-class talent agency without the exorbitant overhead.

The Veri app will:

  • Seamlessly connect social celebrities with their audience
  • Give celebrities an easy and safe way to meet fans online or IRL
  • Give celebrities an easy way to get paid for bookings without needing a business manager

The Veri team is harnessing the power of machine learning to work for artists. Artists who use the platform will be able to improve their discoverability, add revenue streams, and most importantly, safely form meaningful connections with more fans than ever before.

Veri is a Virtual Business Manager

The Veri app allows artists to set their own goals. Through machine based learning algorithms the app suggests optimized rates for booking fees based on the goals of the artist. If the artist wants to focus on revenue the app will suggest different rates than if the focus is on expanding the audience. The payment processing system for the artist bookings are built into the app. This ensures the artist gets paid and always knows what is going on with their time and money. Veri will increase the functionality with time to a full fledge AI partner and manager for the talent.

Fans can use Veri to find new talent and connect with both established stars and up and coming artists. The app helps artists discover who their best fans are and how they can better connect to those fans.

With Veri, the newest generation of celebrities and artists finally have an app worthy of their talent and ambition.

VidCon 2016

The Veri team will be at VidCon 2016 with an early preview of its paradigm shifting app. The app is scheduled to go into beta in September of 2016 and has already lined up an impressive array of talent excited to get early access to this powerful tool.

At the VidCon preview potential users will get a chance to see for themselves just how powerful a platform that was designed from the ground up for social celebrities can be.

Check out the Veri preview at VidCon 2016.

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