A lot of people have been moaning about Twitter for various reasons. Lately I’ve had my own gripes. I felt no appeal of opening Twitter because each time it was disappointing.

I realised why this shouldn’t be surprising. I had never tried to tailor the list of people I follow. It’s been steadily growing since I joined in 2008 and never been pruned. Of course it would be full of crap!

Now, the pruning rule is simple: someone tweets something that I feel is outside my current interests: unfollow. Simple, ruthless, effective. The result is a much cleaner timeline with more content I find meaningful.

A happy coincidence is Twitter’s launch of the algorithmic timeline. It’s difficult to measure its effect but I’m all for smarter prioritisation of quality content. I’m not too worried about tweets being swallowed by the algo. Now that I’m following fewer people I can still get through most of their tweets chronologically in one session.

Maybe that’s what Twitter users should try. Clearing out what doesn’t interest them, and tuning into what does. Perhaps then they will find it more satisfying.

I only tweet what I would expect to find in other’s tweets: helpful things, things that are intended to educate and improve people. And keep it at that. Simple.