Funny (not) Short Story

Five years ago went to hospital asking for antibiotics for chest infection, said it hurt, they sent me in back for tests. Told me I was having a heart attack. 30 minutes later having emergency surgery and spent 5 days in ICU. Apparently I was third person in DFW area at time to be admitted with this virus that attacked the heart. 1 had lived. 1 had died. It was really interesting experience. By the way what is the expression on everybody’s face just before they die? Surprise. In the ambulance my heart rate was in the 200’s and eratic. And it suddenly dawned on “this might be it, I might be dying”. Then I felt surprise…

I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere, one that I clearly missed

The only thing all humans all agree on — “we don’t live forever”. And the only thing we ignore on a daily basis.