A non-exhaustive list of questions the #ladybar ‘Dude Flack’ should be easily prepared to answer

  1. Can you point to other “classic” Ladies’ Bars that may have served as inspiration for this project?
  2. Can you describe some of the qualities of after-hours joints women find “comfortable and inviting”?
  3. Describe the interior design and what decisions were made to appeal to female clientele. Are there particular aspects of the design you expect to resonate most with women?
  4. Can you describe the masculine design notes you were trying to avoid in the planning of the #ladybar?
  5. You are planning two additional bars at Hotel Bennett, both “planned with drinkers of both genders in mind.” Can you describe the design choices you’re making in those spaces to ensure they appeal to both genders?
  6. How many women are on the project team for #ladybar? Who is the lead architect? The lead interior designer? The chef? Who is developing the menu? The bar program? Lead mixologist?
  7. What market research was conducted, if any, that suggested a ladies’ bar would be a good fit in the competitive Charleston public house space?
  8. Will your female customers be patrons, or merely patronized to?

Read about the #ladybar from The Post & Courier.

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