Our Mission… Great Apps for Everyone

Since our announcement we’ve had some great inquiries about our work. It’s always exciting when someone takes an interest in a project we’re passionate about.

There is a “wow” moment when they see how easy GeoWrap installs a complete application, with the blockchain running in the background. So they think that’s our main goal, to have people use our middleware to make decentralized apps easy to install.

But then we show them some early demos of our apps…. They become interested in the great features of things like GeoBanker, and get excited about the prospects of decentralized games with GeoRealms. But they become a little confused. Do we make apps, or just the middleware?

Then we demo the early version of our app store; this is when they usually tell us how we may have some really interesting apps in development, the app store is truly what’s missing in the blockchain ecosystem.

However excited they become, there is this concern we have not focused on “one thing”. Do we make a middleware, make apps, or promote apps through an app store? The answer is we are creating an ecosystem for mainstream users.

As people who bought into the initial Ethereum crowdsale, we are true believers in this space. We know the power the blockchain brings. Decentralization is the biggest paradigm shift in business since the Internet itself, and companies will have to rethink their own business models in the face of new competitors and technology.

There are many amazing technologies popping up in this space, most of which have tremendous ramifications on a global scale. And it’s exciting just to be part of that. But there is also the frustration that most non-technical users, as of now, are able to leverage this technology. We want to change that. GeoFounders is as much about building technology that allows everyone to run decentralized apps as it is about making those apps.

Leveraging GeoWrap, we make blockchain apps easy to install and run, now. And in this next year, we will push out a number of apps, through an easy to use app store. This app store will be home to not just our apps, but any decentralized application. Making it an easy 2-click install onto any machine.

Our mission is simple; great blockchain-powered apps for the everyday man or woman. We want to bring the power of decentralized applications to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, to help grow the industry. That’s what excites us.