Spinning Yarns — Sometimes you need to go backwards…with GIF’s

I love using Yarn in Slack. That was our first platform and we still use it everyday. Our team’s had many conversations where we just communicate using yarns. If you’re unfamiliar with Yarn in Slack, it’s great. The slash commands allow for quick (regularly humorous, often artsy) communication using tiny video clips. For example you type:

/yarn bugs!

And our Yarn Bot automatically sticks in a clip into your channel:

Or: /yarn it’s done

Yes, it’s endless. Especially with more than a million clips at your disposal. There are also some clever ways to limit to titles like:

/yarn :’prestige’ You’re a wizard

Our biggest problem with Slack is that our videos don’t play inline, like Youtube, Vine, or Vimeo video. So in order to consume the content you would have to click on the link, which opens the video in a browser window so you can watch the 1.5 second video. Not the best user experience. We met with Slack to plead our case but were told this wasn’t a priority. Which is OK, all companies need to focus on what they do best (fishing).

Our next best option was to convert all of our mp4 clips to animated gifs…After quite a lot of processing, we’re pleased to announce that we now offer Yarns as videos and GIF’s. This is the default experience in Slack. So now when you type: /yarn slacker, you get a GIF (but still links to the video):

Slacker! Back to the Future II https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/1b68d7c7-892e-4cdb-a995-c97323607971/gif

In general, GIF’s are much larger in file size, have lower resolution, BUT are ubiquitous. Although we are still committed to a world of tiny clips and “smart video timelines”, GIF’s will help us make the transition.

You also have access to GIF’s from the web, you’ll see a new button below the video which can toggle the video to a GIF (and vice versa).

Take a look either in Slack (Yarn App) or online and let me know what you think.

I like it. Alice in Wonderland https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/5ea3ec66-b1ce-4567-bcc7-51f559e368f0/gif
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