Teaching Yarn Some Magic

Learning how to count is one thing. Teaching spells is another. Hogwarts takes seven years to indoctrinate its students. We taught Yarn a little faster.

Our goal at Yarn is to make “smart video timelines”, we work hard so you can ask interesting questions and search in-and-across videos.

Our last blog post we showed how Yarn can count from 0–100. You can say something like “Yarn, show me videos with the numbers zero to one hundred…” A lot goes into a query like that, and although it’s not magic, it can appear that way.

We’re hoping that you can ask a “smart timeline” more interesting questions, like “Yarn, show me all the spells from the Harry Potter Movies…” This is more complex, but learnable if you glue a few external bits together. Since there are only eight movies, our search space is limited. We grep a list of spells from the Harry Potter Wiki, search, order, and merge the Yarns together.

It’s Magic!

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