“Words Matter”

You can say a lot with a little thing. At YARN we specialize in communication using tiny things too.

“Words matter”. You hear this ad nauseam and more often in our age of quick digital conversations. At YARN, we know a lot about words. But words only get you so far. Entering from stage left, The Film Industry, in tow, actors and actresses breathing life into words. In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of tone in conversation. Arguably, there is no better demonstration of varied tone and line delivery than the Pixar movie Wall-E.

At YARN we analyzed Wall-E and extracted several vectors into our “smart timeline”. In the video below we summarized only YARNS referring to our little hero Wall-E. It’s incredible to hear (and see), the rich differentiation in delivery of a single name.

Pixar, our generation’s greatest storyteller, demonstrate the wide spectrum of emotional variation not by impressing us that “words matter”, but that sometimes delivery and tone can rule the day.

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