Very Short Story #1

Starter: A woman named Ariel is stranded on an island after the charter she and her parents were on 25 years ago shipwrecked.

Shipwreck Ariel

Twenty five years is a long time to pass with no civilization. Luckily Ariel has had the company of the rest of the crew and ship passengers. Ariel was the chief engineer on the cruise ship Signolt.

Deserted on an island somewhere, all three thousand passengers survived the shipwreck, including Ariel’s parents. Fortunately the ship shank during the day in sight of the beach.

When the life rafts started hitting the shore, about three hundred people ended up gashing themselves while climbing a cliff. These people tended to their deep cuts by trying to keep the wounds closed, otherwise the blood would just continue gushing.

Over the years teams managed to get to the ship and retrieve items. Unfortunately they could never contact civilization to inform them of their predicament.

By this time the crew had managed to create a large ship and was planning to launch the moment a good break in the weather started. So it’s with this struggle another sea adventure begins.

On the eve of the launch there was a social gathering on the beach with everyone that was not on duty.

Long story short, they hit the shores of the mainland in 2 months.

The end.

Copyright 2016

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