A Major Study Found Human DNA in 2% of Tested Wieners and Sausages

Monday, October 26th, 2015 was a bad day for meat. First the World Health Organization released news of a study linking the consumption of processed meats to a higher risk of cancer. Then later in the day the information below hit the news again.

The Daily Mail reported that tests on 345 samples from 75 brands of wieners and sausages found 2% of Human DNA — or deoxyribonucleic acid present in the combined tested totals. The test also found 10% of tested vegetarian wieners contained meat.

Tests on 345 samples from different 75 brands also revealed ten per cent of vegetarian wieners contained meat.

Out of the samples that tested positive for DNA (seven), 66 per cent (four) were vegetarian.

Could we have eaten Jimmy Hoffa?

Reports from the finding suggest no presence of Hoffa. The genetic material that was found could have come from a hair, a fingernail, a dribble of spit or a drop of blood.

That’s nasty to even think about, however, it is certainly possible.
The genetic testing analysis was carried out by Clear Food. They examined major brands and regional favorites being sold by ten retailers. They did not specify which brands contained the human DNA or what caused the contamination.

The report also confirmed cross contamination to be present. Evidence of chicken or beef or turkey or lamb or pork was found in 28 products that are not to contain those ingredients.

It appears the discovered DNA is related to hygienic issues. That still doesn’t make swallowing (pun intended) this new any easier.

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