If This Girl’s Parents Did To Her What This Officer Did They’d Be in Jail


If you haven’t seen the disturbing video of powerlifter and SC Deputy Ben Fields slinging a Spring Valley High School teenager around like a rag doll-hold on, you’re about to see it.

The story is the teen was asked to leave the room by the teacher for some cell phone related violation. She refused. Fields got involved and ordered the student out of her seat. She didn’t respond. The imposing officer, who is a powerlifter in his free time, stands over her desk and tells the student, “either you’re coming with me or I’ll make you.” Without giving her time to get up, he grabs her and flips her over, slamming her, and her desk, onto the ground.

The veteran officer then drags her out of her chair and tossed her across the room, as students watched speechlessly. The deputy pinned the senior student down as he puts her hands behind her back. He tells another student, “I’ll put you in jail next.”

It is reported that the teen was arrested for resisting arrest. I didn’t see her get the chance to resist anything.

Real big man Officer Fields- terrorizing and beating down teenagers. I’m going to quote the late Sandra Bland here: “You feeling good about yourself?”

Here is the video. some of you all are going to get mad as hell.

My question is “Why isn’t this officer’s ass in jail? It’s time to stop CNNing and political correcting assaults on humans by police officers. I’ve seen grown ass suspects resisting arrest on the street get apprehended with much less force than was displayed in the video. And on a teenage girl? Give me a friggin break here.

If this child's parents had done this to her their asses would be locked up with bail attached. This thug here, though, gets the benefit of an independent investigation

For those that read this and don’t see anything that gets them up on their hind legs, I have one more question.

What if this were your girl being manhandled like this?

That’s what I thought.