Recap: Fox’s Empire Season 2 Episode 6 “A High Hope for a Low Heaven”

Lucious’ Assistant Becky Williams leads off this episode. Williams character, played by Gabourey Sidibe, gets smashed by a chiseled man named J. Poppa (Mo McRae).

Social media trended behind the hookup suggesting that they were surprised Becky could get smashed. I wonder why they were surprised? From where I’m sitting she can get a man in bed just like any other woman. Kitty Boo does the shit all the time and nobody is surprised. Stop tripping ya’ll.

And Becky’s good too.

According to J Poppa Williams can drop the hammer in the bed room.

While winding down after knocking the boots, Poppa exclaims,

“Damn, you put it on me, girl ”.

After reassuring her that no man can hold her down, the duo got going again and the opening credits rolled.

This episode focused on the kidnapping of Hakeem by a gang that may have a member embedded deep in Lyon Dynasty. How deep? He got in Cookie’s drawers. More on that later.

At the end of the last episode Hakeem was snatched out of a park he was jogging in.

Everybody and their Mother thought this one of Lucious’ and his dirty Lawyer Thirsty’s stunts to drive a stake through the heart of Lyon Dynasty. But it wasn’t Luscious.

This was a gang looking to shakedown the Lyons for some cash.

In a flash scene, the thugs are seen in their hideout with Hakeem. The captors take off their shirts revealing matching tattoos of a longhorn. There is a quick camera shot of liquid being poured in a big pot. I read that shot as hinting Hakeem was about to get dunked in some drug infested concoction or hot iron branded.

Hakeem forever the hothead, bucks at the guys. One guy slugs the hell out of Hakeem.

The thugs text out a video of Hakeem captured. Cookie and Lucious see it. Lucious sees it for what it is-a street snatch for money.

The kidnap was an afternoon long. The thugs only wanted a modest $40,000 ransom for Hakeem’s safe return.

Lucious and Cookie set up a meeting to exchange the cash for the return of Hakeem.

The drop off vehicle shows up with a driver and no Hakeem. He says Hakeem got out. It’s safe to assume Lucious beat the hell out of the driver.

Meanwhile Hakeem is wanderng down the street in some kind of crazed daze. He winds up at Anika’s place and waits for her. When she walks up to the entrance of her place he grabs her and kisses her passionately.

The sporadic camera shots hammered home the fact — Kitty Boo whored herself out again. She like most thirsty hoes, started blowning up Hakeem’s phone later in the episode and showing up unannounced where she stalked him to -only to get a door closed in her face.

Hakeem finally makes it home with Lucious and Cookie. is home a Dr. says he’s okay.

Hakeem is not okay. He keeps having flashbacks and momentary konk outs. He goes off on his girl group during rehearsal claiming the song wasn’t the one he wrote.

This whole kidnapping thing stems from the involved gang not feeling Cookie’s street cred. Cookie ought to know you can’t come from “uptown” and set up shop in gang territory without said gangs’ blessing. You especially can’t do it in a building the gang is laying claim to.

Cookie and Hakeem met with the thugs that snatched him. Cookies intention was to hire the thugs to work as security for Lyon Dynasty. Things got tense when Hakeem pulls a gun on the thugs and threatens to kill them. Cookie got the gun from Hakeem and had a change of heart about hiring the thugs. Instead, she threatened to kill them if they bother her family again.

Freda Gatz (Bre-Z) is just hell bent on blowing every opportunity Empire gives her. She’s explosive. While she was performing at a new artist coming out party, a guy started heckling her. Gatz got frustrated in mid-song and looked to Luscious for help.

I would've thought Lucious would have had security on the dude like pronto. But he didn’t. The dude approached the stage close enough for Gatz to kick the shit out of his face. She got him good too and then exited the stage.

This type of stuff is right up Lucious’ alley. Acting the thug won’t get you fired from Empire-it’ll get you hired. Lucious went right back to the streets and got Gatz again-offering her a new beat that she liked.

The dude that Becky Williams was getting it on with at the begining of the episode wound up getting hired at Gutterlife Records by Andrea. Yes, J. Poppa turned out to be a rapper from the biblical genre. This endured him to the newly “saved” Andrea.

As a matter of fact, Andrea wanted to drop Freda Gatz and promote J Poppa as Gutterlife Records’ marquee artist. That plan won’t fly because Freda is Luscious’ artist and Lucious put Andrea in his place when he told him,

“I didn’t put you in charge, I put you in place”.

Empire’s marketing of Jamal as a gay artist is not working out. Big time venue Staples Center canceled a scheduled performance by Jamal citing he was “too narrow of an artist”.

Jamal takes his marketing matters in his own hands and hires Jameson Hinthrope (William Fichtner), a gay executive with a not so good history with Lucious, to devise a sensitive marketing plan for his album. Lucious doesn’t like the dude but let’s Jamal have it his way.

Laz Delgado, the promoter that popped up at Lyon Dynasty in the last episode winning the trust of Cookie is back in this episode. The sexual tension in the last episode led to a passionate hookup in this epsode.

Remember at the begining of this recap I said the gang that kidnapped Hakeem “may have a member embedded deep in Lyon Dynasty”?

That member may be Delgado. When his shirt comes off before he goes on the deep dive in Cookie we see a tat of a Longhorn on his back.

Cookie maybe sleeping with the enemy.

If she is this will play right into Lucious hands. He told Cookie if she was going to make it in the rap business she needed security. Specifically she needed a “house dog” and a “junkyard dog”. If she’s sleeping with the junkyard dog she’s going to need a junkyard dog to get him gone.

Lusicious is a class A junkyard dog.

Stay tuned.

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