Where Is She Now? Danielle Spencer

(Left)Dee on the 70’s Show “What’s Happening?” (Right) Danielle Spencer Veterinarian

Young whippersnappers 10 years out from pooping yellow in grocery store bought underwear need not read this because you won’t know the origin of this lady that’s relevant because of the girl she was.

OGs and Cougars, read on.

Remember the TV show “What’s Happening?” The show where “Raj”(Ernest Lee Thomas) and “Rerun” (Fred Berry) “Reined” supreme.

Do you remember Raj’s quick-witted little sister Dee (Danielle Spencer) that could blackmail a gangster into insolvency? Yeah, that one.

Dee is the little sister every man can relate to. You love her to no end and stay away from her because she always manages to get the goods on your ass and make a payday out of her knowledge. Yeah, that little sister.

I found out “Dee’s” status quo from a Pinterest post.

She is now Dr. Danielle Spencer, a graduate of Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is a well-respected veterinarian. As Martin Lawrence would say to his girlfriend Gina’s girlfriend, “If ya dog or cat needs some help she can get to them. Beedy Bead you might want to call her about that fur beading on your neck. She must know something about horse hair beady bead”.

She practices veterinary medicine in Beverly Hills, California. Tuskegee School of Medicine is the top producer of African-American veterinarians in the United States.

That’s where Danielle Spencer is now.