Rate of Wix To WordPress Conversion Is Hiking “Is Wix Loosing Momentum?”

Rate of Wix To WordPress Conversion Is Hiking “Is Wix Loosing Momentum?”

Wix is the closest competitor to WordPress having 100 million users in which 2.5 million users were premium members. Apart from this people interest on moving their website from Wix to WordPress is raising.

People Gradually Drifting From Wix To WordPress

Following Google trends result shows the growing interest among the people to convert their website from Wix to WordPress.

Google Trends Result For The Past 5 Years Till May 2017

As you can see that the interest is gradually growing especially from 2016 it is really increasing.

Power Of WordPress

Well you can say many reason WordPress pioneered the CMS (Content Management System). Which has transformed from a platform for bloggers into a Powerful plat form that holds the top website in the world like New York Times, Sony and many more government organizations websites too.

According to the present WordPress stats, WordPress powers nearly 27.3% of the websites in the internet. It is expected to be powering 50% of the websites by the year 2020.

Reason For The People Drift

One strong point that holds the Wix to the ground was its WYSIWYG builder and its pricing. Live editor of the Wix helps the user to build their web pages easily by just dragging and dropping the elements in the place they want.

This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) point did not hold for a very long time. WordPress has the most strongest and dedicated community than any other network.

Building a community is one of the important growth hacks for any brand or business. Now there are many Page Builder plugins are out there to help the WordPress users.

Strong WordPress community is one of the reason why people are drifting. What ever be the new trend you will get for the WordPress within few days or weeks. WordPress developers love WordPress that much, you can see how they love it in the fan art page of WordPress.

One of the reason for sudden hike in the interest to convert Wix to WordPress is the recent GPL issue, which explained by Shayda Torabi in her Torque mag post.

You will see more reason when you compare Wix to WordPress. Some of the main reasons are as follows.

  • Wix has 200+ apps to help their customers, where as WordPress has 50,231 plugins in its plugin directory alone to help its user.
  • Wix powers 15% eCommerce sites among its users alone. WordPress powers 39% of the eCommerce site in the internet with its WooCommerce plugin.
  • Top marketing tool providers have a seperate WordPress plugin for easy integration. For example, CoSchedule marketing calendar application has exclusive WordPress plugin to schedule our work within our WordPress website.
  • Speaking of website we cannot miss SEO WordPress by its default guidelines for developer and its web engine reduces half the burden of SEO
  • As our business grows complexity also grows, Wix cannot handle that much complexity. WordPress has the people around the world to help you. All necessary plugins to help you build and grow your business.

Without any hesitation you can start your WordPress business website or blog there are millions around the globe to help you.