My new blog. Also, weight, happiness, and how to have both.

If you are following me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn I would like to ask you to please check here from time to time as I will try and return to blogging on a regular basis. This will be an outlet for non-work interests, primarily about mapping, cartography, basic science and research methods, etc. Also expect a good dose of video games, movies, tv, and art. Maybe some travel stuff and, if I am being good, diet and exercise. If I am not being good that will just be “food”.

On that note, some people that know me have known that I like to exercise and weightlift but also that I am a big guy. For most of the last ten years my weight oscillated around 210lbs, but I never felt happy with how I looked or felt.

250lbs and loving it

About a year ago I decided to start lifting and eating much more than before, focused on very high protein meals several times a day. I also started an herbal testosterone booster. Now, most of those are placebos and maybe this one was as well, but within weeks I was pushing a lot more at the gym and my weight was up as well. I am sitting at 250lbs right now and, other than a belly that I am starting to work on losing, I feel great. I saw some pictures of the “old me” last night and was shocked at how much I had changed. My shoulders and arms are now so big that I cannot fit into many of my dress shirts. My arms are at 17 inches, my chest is over 50 inches, but my waist is at 42 inches.

By any sort of body chart or reference I would be considered obese. Yet I feel great; strong, mobile, and confident. My doctor says my heart is fine. I have completed “bulking” in bodybuilding terms and now I will move on to the ‘cutting’ phase, which is likely to really stink.

The point being that I am happy, and healthy, and that matters more than a number. I guess that can apply to anything in our lives as well, from weight to money to family. Don’t let other people tell you what ‘normal’ is, as long as you are healthy then ‘normal’ is whatever makes you happy.

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