Who am I?

I graduated as a geographer with a major in remote sensing techniques. I also had some programming skills. During my time at the University I kind of noticed I liked programming, so I was glad I found a job as a GIS programmer eventually.

After several years of experience as a consultant in GIS development, being interviewed to take part in a new projects I got an interesting question:

Do you feel more like a geographer of a developer?

Now, that is an interesting question. Moreso, because I was surprised by my own answer! Honestly, you spend years at the university studying a subject you’re really interested in. Just to notice that after a few years of job experience, you feel you became something completely different than you expected to. Indeed, when people ask me about my job, I tell them I am a developer.

At my job, I have been doing a lot of interesting things and I have been involved in numerous projects generally in a different role. So, I’ve been Jr. Developer, Lead Developer, Application Architect, Solution Architect… As a developer I know C#, Asp.Net, Javascript, AngularJs and a bunch of GIS mapping frameworks. I feel it’ getting a bit too much, also my boss is telling me maybe I should figure out what it is that I want to do and get better at.

So again, what am I? A backend programmer or rather a web developer? If, say, I’m a web developer… Do I only want to do Angular? Of focus on GIS in different frameworks and/or paradigms?

Skill sets are very specific nowadays. I think I got lost!

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