Boot Camp Experience.

I had high hopes, that Andela would deliver on their reputation of tough boot camp and a challenge of a lifetime. I had to complete some tasks that are divided into three. Andela labs did not offer it’s “A Game” today as it was mostly down and I had to improvise a lot which turned to be more practice on my part. This labs test “tech” skills which at this point are fairly well-settled and familiar to me.

The second task was simply to implement some oop concepts in python. Opp is a legendary concept in software engineering and it’s the core of most programming. Python is inherently object oriented and since it was the language of choice, the tasks were easy to implement. This concept is not new to me and, again it was a matter of being original and creative.

The third task which is more of soft skills includes writing a blog post. Writing professionally is rather new and a fascinating thing to me. As it is more of an art than a science there is simply no right way to do it. The fine prints of this skill lay in creativity and exposure to the same material. I would hesitate to say that it was walk in the park as am yet to grasp the whole idea of what a blog post should entail.

In conclusion, the experience is exactly what I expected, though am deprived the element of surprise. It’s exactly the same struggle of sweat and blood and I hope to make something out of all this.

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