Is Learning an Experience or A Culture..?

Learning never exhausts the mind by Leonardo da Vinci
We always learn implicitly or explicitly, consciously or unconscious, intentional or not intentional, learning is always happening , it’s inevitable like death or taxes learning is here to stay.

As natural as learning may seem it can be challenging at times. As to my case recently when learning about Flask framework. I had avoided the subject for quite some time and it was becoming more of a bother to me. When I finally tried it out, it wasn’t what I had expected before and this is what I learned.

Don’t over think it.

I thought that flask was a complicated network of relationships and this just steered up some fear and anxiety. I always felt I was not ready to tackle it. These lead to fruitless attempt involving trying to perfect my python skills. On finally trying out I found out that it wasn’t the green eyed monster I once envisioned. Over think doesn’t help, trying out new things is the only way to know if they live up to their reputation.

You will not understand everything.

Most people, including me, have this belief that if you what to know something you must understand everything about it. While the intention of this thought is clear and not malicious, this is not feasible. The consequence of such belief is I spent a lot of time trying to perfect the small concepts instead of approaching the general problem and apply the small concepts in context. I ended up wasting a lot of time on not so import things. I didn’t understand some concepts in the beginning but as I practiced more they became more clear.

Practice makes perfect

Reading a book is great, even watching tutorials but if you want to master anything, there no royal road to perfection only practice. I don’t know how much I can emphasize these but it’s the gospel truth about perfection nothing more nothing less.

In conclusion, learning is more of a culture than an experience. It’s a way of life for human beings, that’s how we move forward if not backward. Whenever I learn something, am proud to be participating in this culture that we as humans have brewed.

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