Angst is so cliché nowadays

You’re not 15 anymore,

Time to grow up

It’s time to live real life

Away from existential misery

Feelings of meaninglessness, and despair

Time to accept things as they are

Suck it up, move along nicely

Progress, no longer depressed

Moving along smoothly

Job, house, spouse

Maybe some offspring, if you can be bothered

But then again, “is there any point?”

They may ask, well I say no!

Don’t go back to what you were

Accept things as they seem, chug through life

For it’s always easier to live in that bubble of blissful ignorance

Than it is to die alone, sad and battered by the tough, but true reality

That it is all a joke, that there is no point

But play the game, for your own well-being, lest you go insane

Why drift off to some other intellectual plain

When you could be happy and stupid?

The path to happiness is plagued with traps and mankind is not built to thwart them

Yes, I guess there is no escape from the angst, unless you submit to the numbing effects

Of the empire that keeps you warm for a price, fed with shitty junk food and numbed by comforting reality TV shows

It’s the dream, they tell you

Well I say keep dreaming!

There is a better world out there, but it takes angst to make it happen

Keep up the angst, don’t numb yourself

Face your fears, speak your mind, don’t repress thyself

And then, one day, the angst will be no more

Just a pitiful feeling of times past.