Hi everyone,

So I decided to start a blog about car rides to/from Labre.

My first post is about the car ride to Labre on July 22nd.

I was thrilled to have awesome people riding in my car on this day. I had Alex Tello, Carlos Cerda, Thomas Armentor, and Genevieve Dietz in my car. Everyone has ridden with me before.

We started off leaving SJ via the Gessner driveway. I take a left on Gessner, pass Eddie in his car, and Fran shows her butt to us as we are at a stop light. We then start playing the new song “Need You Right Now” by some weird band. After 30 seconds, we weren’t getting lit enough. We decided to turn the song “Work From Home” on. Man, it was getting lit as I sang very loudly with Alex Tello. Carlos didn’t know the song so he couldn’t ruin it for us.

We finally get to the Westpark Tollway. Finally moving at a steady speed of 88MPH. Living the life. I then realize I haven’t slammed on the brakes and screamed as loudly as I could to scare my passengers. I was wondering why I haven’t pulled this stunt yet so I did it, quite excessively. No one was startled, except for Carlos who screamed quite annoyingly because of his braces.

We switch from Westpark to IH-69 going towards Downtown. Litness was going down because we were talking instead of playing good music. I turned on “Unwritten” which made the ride more lit. Going again at the steady 88MPH speed on 59 and then we hit traffic. Carlos screams as he sees brake lights ahead and I haven’t started slowing down from my 88MPH. He doesn’t understand that I know how to stop a car. I continued to drive and then I realized that Carlos was singing so I spit in his face.

We exit Shepherd and take our exotic route to Downtown. We went down the usual residential streets we always go down and make sure we are driving at a safer speed of 45MPH, since it was a residential street with several kids. Plus I was texting so I had to drive at a slower speed so I wouldn’t get in any type of accident.

I continue to try to find a lit song to play as we wait at a stop sign. I turn Party in the USA on and it starts getting ultra lit. Distracted by the litness, I proceeded to cross the busy intersection, not paying attention to the cars driving the other way on my right. I almost had someone t-bone me, which would have killed Carlos instantly, but more importantly, damage my car quite a bit. Luckily, the car barely missed us so we ended up being okay. That was a big relief as I already have so many dents on the right side of my car and I couldn’t have my car getting in worse shape than it already is.

We continued down the street we just crossed and was flicked off by the driver of the car that almost damaged my car and killed Carlos. I didn’t realize how mad they were. They should have understood that I can’t do two things at once when I’m driving. I was trying to change the song while I was crossing the street. Most people can’t do those things at once and this jerk face was flicking me off just for making a mistake that most humans would have also made, but at a greater extent.

We arrived in Downtown before everyone else, as usual.

What a fine Labre.

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