We’re thankful to Marc Gorman who highly contributed to the obtainment of the ForEarth project and will not have the opportunity to see the outcome.

The European Spatial Agency (ESA) launch the initiative: EO Science for Society with the aim to enhance Copernicus data by producing EO applications in responses to global societal issues. ForEarth forms part of this initiative.

EO Science for Society

In EO Science for Society, we have to ask ourselves one key question: what is Society? There are many answers, some practical, some philosophical, but perhaps one interpretation most of us can agree on is that…

(This article is also available in French : here)

Before we start here is a first screenshot to open your appetite and demonstrate what can be done with 3D Tiles and 2D S-57 marine navigation data.

Augmented Reality Marine Chart produced by Examind Server

Specification status

The 3D Tiles format has been around for a few years as part of CesiumJS and it is now moving to become a standardized format supported by many 3D display engines.

Today the specification is open to the community for review: OGC Seeks Public Comment on 3D Tiles Candidate Community Standard

What can we do with 3D Tiles ?


The format is actually just a packaging method rather than a real binary…


Geodata intelligence leads your decisions

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