Hunting for Pivotal Ideas: Cyber Lions at Cannes

What is a Pivotal Idea? It is an idea that provokes action and changes behavior.

The Cyber Lions are dedicated to creativity experienced on any digital platform. Judges are looking for inspiring creativity, executed online, using technology and innovation.

There is an undercurrent of technology and digital in most of the work shown at Cannes. The digital takeover of our lives has certainly given way to marketing ideas that are incredibly innovative, scalable and entertaining. But it is important to not to lose the human element in the name of digital innovation. Advocating technology platforms only when it is relevant to the message and impactful to the consumer is far more important than being digital for digital’s sake (Digibabble, as David Sable, Global CEO of Y&R likes to call it). This year at Cannes, the human quotient and authenticity has been a theme and thread through all panels and conversations.

A perfect, gold lion-winning example of being in the right [digital] place at just the right time is the I Am a Witness campaign.

The Ad Council created an emoji and got social platforms like Snapchat, Reddit, and Twitter to incorporate them in fun and intriguing ways.

The human insight driving the execution of this campaign is that the generation most affected by cyber bullying is both native to digital platforms and is constantly using emojis to express themselves. With the creation of an emoji, the Ad Council was not only able to reach those most affected by cyber bullying, but empowered them to speak up in a way that is natural to them, on the platforms they are experts in. The result was poignant. The platforms where bullying occurs most frequently was turned on its head to help put an end to the problem. Using platforms like Snapchat was wide-reaching. More importantly, it was relevant.

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