‘We leave no one behind’

That day I got invited into the Andela Boot Camp 10 was the best of my life. The thought of meeting and interacting with great minds was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It was Friday the 7th of October at 8 am when I strolled into the Andela compound. I was received warmly by the kind security attendants at the gate then proceeded to the Boot Camp Room where I found the rest of my colleagues seated. We were quite a number, 50 to be exact. So I sat next to a gentleman who introduced himself as Josiah and immediately we struck a conversation talking about our experiences during the Andela recruitment process. I was impressed by his determination in life. An hour later, all of us headed out where we were joined by the current Andelans for a bonding exercise which entailed a lot of fun activities. I really enjoyed the high spirited environment charged with excitement and people who love what they do. I wanted to be part of such an environment. The environment that was so charged that it inspired my inner god to come out. I just pictured being at Andela and having fun developing software. I wanted in. The activities lasted about an hour then we went back into the room.

We were introduced to our facilitators then grouped under each one of them. The order of the day was introduced by Mr Saya who took us through part of the curriculum for the boot camp. We learned about version control( my first understanding of how software receive updates), programming logic(understanding a problem before righting the code, input — process — output), Using Git and Github, Test Driven Development, growth mindset(having a positive attitude toward personal development and always increasing your knowledge), seeking feedback and professional writing.

I must say the amount of knowledge I gained that day was enormous and I liked it, the more reason I wanted to be part of the community. The kind of assistance the fellows provided was out of this world. The kindness, the enthusiasm, the motivation by the fellows and the staff alike was just exemplary. the world would be a better place if everyone was like this. This kind of value should spread all over and faith in humanity will be restored.