I do not live in a bubble.

Living on the coast is not the bubble.

Being educated and informed is not what makes people “elite.”

[Hillary has a giant wall around her mansion. She literally put a wall around her convention in Philadelphia. That is elite. When leaders exempt themselves. Like when they passed a healthcare law for us, but exempted themselves.]

Republicans do not believe that everyone who receives social services is “taking” from society. It’s just that Democrats judge success by how many people are on social services, while Republicans judge success by how many people no longer need them.

Republicans also believe in religious freedom, and no Republican has ever tried to pass a law that states everyone needs to be a Christian. In fact, there are Muslim Republicans and atheist Republicans.

Like yourself, Republicans have values. Just as you want schools to reflect the values you believe in, they want schools to reflect their values. This is an honest ongoing discussion for both sides.

“The lack of shame in our current political discourse”

[Yes, I think it was not dignified of Hillary to call millions of Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.”]

“Lying and lack of accountability for lying”

[Such as “I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky” and “If you like your doctor, you can keep them.”]

“Demonstrable facts being dismissed as opinion”

[Such as abortion stops a beating heart.]

“No respect for science”

[The greatest disrespect for science is to politicize it and to appeal to majorities like facts are up for a vote. I know you find this hard to accept, but not all scientists accept man is responsible for climate change. There are countless sources which detail data being massaged, and people losing funding for being against climate change. There have been scientific fads in the past that turn out to be false when the politics is removed, such as racial science in WW2 Germany. Manmade climate change will be revealed to have been a political pressure phenomenon rather than scientific fact. If you don’t agree, we can be honest about our disagreement. But Republicans are not anti-science.]

“Blatant hypocrisy and lack of accountability for it”

[Like Robert Byrd literally being a grand wizard of the KKK and Democrats praising him, while those same Democrats protested Jeff Sessions, even though Jeff Sessions succeeded in having KKK members sued, put in prison, and even sent to death row.]

“TV news as a profit center for networks (and all that leads to)”

[Yes, like Dan Rather faking George Bush’s Vietnam service records. And Brian Williams lying about the helicopters. And CNN’s Donna Brazille giving Hillary Clinton debate answers. And debate moderators ganging up on Donald Trump.]

“Transference rhetoric (whatever it is I am, I’ll find a way to say that’s how you are)”

[Rhetorical transference has many faces, such as a cigarette ad with cowboys. Cigarettes have nothing to do with cowboys, but the cool image of cowboys is transferred to cigarettes. Likewise, celebrity endorsements are well known examples of transfer. Think of Hillary Clinton being seen with Jay Z, J. Cole, and Chance the Rapper in Philadelphia in the final last, desperate moments of her campaign, even after she’d cancelled her fireworks.]

“The death of reasoned discourse on matters of public interest”

[Like how when you see a Democrat on TV, before they open their mouth you know they will soon be calling someone a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, etc.]

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