I Hate Obama for Giving Me Hope
Ezinne Ukoha

Yes, Obama is an example of why we shouldn’t hype people up. The moment he was elected, he was given the Nobel Peace Prize. Today on USA Today it was reported that his is the first president in history to have been at war for every day of both terms. Hardly the stuff a Nobel Peace Prize is given for.

Obama is like Bell Bottoms. They seemed a good idea at the time. Or put another way, if you wake up in the morning and look next to you, and you say, “I slept with THAT?” This describes Obama. Every news story says his entire work is about to be erased: Obamacare gone, global warming treaties gone, regulations reversed. At most he got a supreme court justice on the court, but Trump is going to have the chance to appoint even more.

So it’s like Obama was never even president. And who cares anyway, because he wasn’t that great.

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