Ma’am the ENTIRE institution is set up to defend men. I can be introspective and honest and Brock Turner is still somewhere on a farm enjoying his life, while Trump is in office and Bill Cosby has a hung jury.
NOPE That’s just nope and nope with whipped cream and nope on top.
amanda blum

You haven’t named men there. You have named men with power.

The system isn’t designed to protect those with power because they are powerful and exert that influence.

I as a regular man and like the vast majority of men worldwide go about my day just as you do, with no special allowances.

If the issue is not enough women in power I agree, I would also like you to see a female president do something wrong get away with it and realise that you can’t do the same. That it was never male or female it was being president and being not.

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