Why exercising harder than society considers “normal” is the only way to exercise!

As a child, I always have been different. I had the aim to be better as everybody else. When somebody asked me for the time I was the one who didn’t respond with “It is 4:30pm”. I said “It is 4:28pm”.

As I got older I noticed that nobody around me was the same as me. And I thought: “Well this is how society works, don’t be too perfect as nobody else is”.
I labeled myself as an outsider. This kind of mindset let me adopt “normal” habits. Things which all the others did. Striving for the best was not that important for me anymore as I convinced myself that it isn’t a lifestyle to pursue.

After graduating from high school I started to work for the very first time.

I had no idea.

As I understood the dynamics of a company more and more I realized that all the traits I had as a child, the ones which I suppressed early on where those kinds of traits which the best employees had.

A hard truth to face.

This finding let me think back of all the things I had adopted. All the things which haven’t been me. From there on my journey started. Shoveling my true self free from all the garbage I loaded on myself throughout my childhood.

Roughly one year after I started working I bought my very first real mountain bike. A full suspension mountain bike. It was and is pure fun. Staying healthy while being in nature. It cannot get any better.

I never rushed my rides. Or let's say I never rushed the uphills. :D

As I started to build some stamina, I started developing an affection for going fast on the uphill. I don’t talk about the uphills I usually do on longer rides which take me roughly 1–2 hours as conserving stamina there is key.
I talk about shorter uphills which I do as after work rides.

Normal people would say:

“Why do you train so hard ? That’s not normal !”

Here a few things to consider

I want you to think about a few things when somebody tries to challenge you with this question:

Are “their” goals your goals?

Other people (often times) want only the best for you. But the problem is they make their statements based on their experience and their current life goals.
If somebody calls my training routine crazy or something similar, it usually comes from people who are not into any type of sports.

I had the same thinking pattern when I was “only” an enduro mountain biker which did his casual but long tours. I couldn’t grasp how somebody could go to the gym no matter what every other day for example. For me, mountain biking was to stay fit but I went for a ride when I felt like doing it.

Now as I’ve set a goal to ride that specific uphill in 13 minutes, I know why.

When I dedicate the time I give everything I have

Committing to any sport involves dedicating some time. May it be 15 minutes or 5 hours. Time is limited and finite. Don’t let you fool but we all have only a certain amount of time on earth. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to you to think about death all the time.

But I decided for me that if I go for a ride and the goal is to improve my stamina I give everything I have. Don’t let you fool by your mind. There is always room for improvement.

Out work them all

There are only rare occasions when I skip a training session, one of these occasions is being ill. Here is there the reason why: Never EVER exercise when you’re sick ! [one and only reason why]

If you let others decide for you and you fail you will never …

know how it would have been if you went with your decision in the first place.

Sure there are occasions where you can do what you wanted to do initial, later on. But from my experience, if you let other people take the decision and it doesn’t work out as it should. You will regret it tenfold. Therefore do what you wanted to do right away.

If you fail by doing your thing to stay true to yourself. Which is the most important thing.

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