If your teammates control the flow of the game well
5 Things League of Legends Taught Me About Human Behavior
Alexander Germain

This statement gives me somewhat the impression that you were “getting carried” by your teammates. Most people confuse “playing really well” with “having a huge lead and thus outdamage the opposing team no matter what you do”. Just look at the 10/0 Yasuos who write “rekt” in /all chat after killing someone with a sliver of health and thus think they outplayed the opponent while - in truth - they were just so far ahead that it didn’t even matter anymore that they missed half of their skillshots. Of course, it does require plenty of skill gaining this lead, I’m not denying this. Unless your team takes objective after objective and you’ll get ahead by global gold only which doesn’t sound that far off reading this sentence. Once you got the lead you can technically play much worse than your enemy and still win. In my opinion this is the major reason someone does well when his team does well. Not everything is psychology only.
Apart from this second point the rest is completely reasonable to me. Great article.

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