Procrastinating is good for you.

Here is why…

I am a procrastinator. Missing a chance to look around me for the next thing to derail me from my daily goals is impossible. Hide and seek is my favorite. I play it daily especially when it comes down to accomplishing tasks. You may or may not wonder by now that being a procrastinator is a bad habit. Guess what there is no right or wrong answer.

Imagine this, you are in your car and your destination is a 10 hour drive. Now let’s say the car is you and the 10 hour destination is your goals. Would you choose to drive for 10 hours straight or split your trip into 4 stops. Obviously having 4 stops will get you to your destination in 13 hours but you won’t be as exhausted as driving for 10 hours straight. The same thing applies to procrastination. You have a paper due that will take 5 hours to write however if you choose to chat with your friend over the phone, Skype with your aunt in Italy or even spend time looking at YouTube videos you will end up finishing the paper in 9 hours instead of 5.

I can’t tell you if one is more right than the other all I can tell you is to ask yourself this question “Is it worth it?”. Is it worth getting to your 10 hour destination without a single stop or finishing that paper without lifting your head for 5 hours. For me it isn’t just about finishing a task, getting from point A to point B. It’s about delivering the best possible results while “staying” effective.

How many times have you zoned into accomplishing a task for hours without zooming out just to realize you aren’t as effective as you could be if you had taken small breaks in between to freshen your brain. There is a big difference between “getting shit done” and “doing effective work”. If you are the progressive type I bet you are all about doing effective work, keeping your brain flexible, stretched and light. Procrastination for me is what helps me stay effective so I can run 2 startups and work a full time job simultaneously.

Admittedly, I work more than 40 hours a week but I still have time to hang out with friends, go to movies or even occasionally doing road trips on the weekends. It don’t have some kind of superhuman abilities, instead it’s about doing effective work. Believe it or not, my secret for doing effective work is procrastination because it helps me zoom out of work for a few minutes and evaluate if I am being effective or just active.

What’s your secret? (share in the comments below) 
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