Traveling luggage free to your next Airbnb is made possible

There are really only two kinds of travelers, those who pack reasonably, and those who bring their entire lives with them.

There are really only two kinds of travelers, those who pack reasonably, and those who bring their entire lives with them. Now there is nothing wrong with either of those options, but no matter which you happen to be, there’s always ways to travel how you like, without having it impair your trip.

If you are visiting New York you most likely have taken the wise path of moving as much as possible. New yorkers move at a fast pace, and even if you are a tourist you too will find yourself doing this by default as well, we are all just drops in a sea of people, you got to go with the flow, but for manhattan, it is less of a calm flow, and more like a raging river.

I can tell you from experience, if you want to be respected or at least ignored by the native city goers, then for our sake please don’t bring your massive rolling luggage into these 5 places.

  • Trains. Please no, everyone will hate you for it. And on peak hours it would be impossible anyway.
  • Museums, galleries, zoos. Most of these places you can’t bring a huge bag into anyway.
  • Any bar. Who brings baggage into a bar? It’s easy to trip over bags when you’re drunk in a crowded bar.
  • Speaking of crowds… Any crowd. Do you really want to be the dude in the Pride parade, central park concerts, or a block party/street fair, with a rolling suitcase behind you? Crazy.
  • The last reason is simple, people steal bags all the time. Now I could give you a scary statistic, but instead I think I will tell a short story. My ex-girlfriend’s sister’s friend, who I do not know or have ever met, was housesitting for a family and taking care of their old dog while they were away. Now I don’t know anyone personally in this story so we can just call this person Sue. As all things eventually do the dog dies, so Sue calls the dog’s owners, tells them the deal, and they say “it’s ok, put the dead dog into one of our suitcases and take it to our vet.” The proper appointments were made and Sue followed her instructions. So Sue carries the dead dog bag into the subway to get to the vet, and sure enough at one of the stops as the doors were closing, someone grabbed the suitcase and ran out of the train. Bags are stolen all of the time in New York, more likely than not you will lose something you care about or need, rarely does karma respond instantaneously as it did for Sue’s thief.

Knock Knock City is design specifically for those travelers who can’t help but bring more than they can carry. If you are moving from one B&B to another every night or so then carrying around your entire closet makes no sense. Let Knock Knock City safely hold onto your main bag so that you can travel light with a day bag. The big city will get just a little bigger for you. Once you are luggage free take advantage of that freedom, I would recommend walking, this is a walking city, move your feet! Do not let your luggage hold you down, go walk coney Island’s boardwalk, rent a free kayak on the hudson, or see some of the greatest artistic and historic treasures of the world in our great museums.

But for yours and everyone else’s sake, please leave your luggage behind, leave it with Knock Knock City.