Trump’s Sons Receive Military Deferments On Eve Of War With North Korea
Allan Ishac

Also, President Trump never tried to get out of Military Service. I know this as my Husband was of Military Age when President Trump was and also from “Real News” here in the US. Of course, CNN had made up stories about the President’s service that weren’t true. At that time, if one was in College, one didn’t have to be Drafted; go into the Service. President Trump was in College. After awhile, when the US needed more Troops in Vietnam, a Lottery System was started and used even if one was in College. Based on the Young Man’s Birthdate Numbers were picked and one either got a high or a low number. Based on my Husband’s Birthday, he got a low number and didn’t have to servce. It was the same for President Trump. President Trump got a low number also.