The memorial tablet at Amerika Gedenkbibliothek Berlin says: »This foundation is based on the belief that human freedom is limitless, here we do not shy away from truth on all our ways and we accept even error as long as reason can fight it in freedom and unhindered.«

»LIES … LIES … LIES« (German: Lügen … Lügen … Lügen) & »Lies! Lies! lies!« (English: Read! Read! Read!)

What is it that confuses us so much? What is it that is so repelling, when it comes to the TRUMPS? What is it that is so disturbing? Well it is certainly this terrible politics, destructive, anti-ecological, xenophobic. 
Sure. But as Carolin Emcke has pointed out: It is mainly this obession with lies. These guys are pathological liars, I don’t have to line it all up, from the number of particiants at the inauguration party to the Russia-connection.

What do we usually do, when we meet people who lie to us all the time? Well, we turn our backs to them, we look in another, nicer direction, we look at honest people. That’s human, it’s healthy. In their case it would nevertheless be wrong, because their obession with lies is part of their communication strategy. They are mean enough to know how ordinary people react to liars. So let’s stand upright and LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY DOING to the U.S.A., the world, our future — and stay tuned to journalists like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

I was brought up to an idea of the US being a bright light in postwar Europe. I spend a lot of time at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library in Darmstadt and later, during my studies in Berlin, at the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek.

I want this Amerika back, the one that financed such wonderful places of knowledge, exchange and brightness. In order to achieve this we shall have to keep our eyes on the rotten America, the dogmatic one, the one that’s ruled by a notorious lyer and his Mafia-family.

So instead of LIES, LIES, LIES (English), just lies, lies, lies (Geman) — as much as you can. One of our most obsessive readers, the late Helmut Schmidt once said: “The one who does not read will shrink.” According to him it’s not growing through reading but shrinking through NOT reading. Let’s be HONEST: Knowledge rules.