Angular Authentication made easy with Firebase
Wassim Chegham

Hi, I am following the above tutorial but struggling to get the session tokens sent by both Google and Twitter. I am using the following code:{
 provider: AuthProviders.Google,
 method: AuthMethods.Redirect
 }).then((success) => {
 console.log(‘success: ‘, success);‘users’).update(success.auth.uid, {
 name: success.auth.displayName,
 provider: ‘google’,
 avatar: success.auth.photoURL
 }).catch((error) => {“error”, error);

which works fine with Facebook giving the following console output:

success: Object {auth: W, uid: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, provider: 2, facebook: Lf}

however gives me a the following console output when logging in with Google or Twitter:

success: undefined

I’m sure I’m missing something pretty fundamental so any help greatly appreciated.



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