Is Your Job Needed?

(This is also published on my Blogger)

Whoever thinks they really bring any benefit to society by working, are just daydreaming…. In fact, nobody needs your work at all. What I mean is that all jobs and companies are created ONLY for one reason: to enrich the very few on the top who don’t work, on the expense of millions of exploited slaves. You are but a sheep that is allowed to graze on a green field, just to be fleeced, milked and slaughtered soon. 
 None of your work is really needed for the betterment of society. Your cell phones, your cars, TV-s, highway roads, multistory apartments, etc, etc. — is NOT NEEDED for anyone! These are ARTIFICIALLY created needs, to make an illusion of value, but which do not represent any vital benefit or value to your life. You make a car, but what do people need this car for? Does it serve them to make them really happy? We spend much more money on maintaining the car and making it run than spending on actual purchase of it! And where do we drive those cars? Correct — mostly to our work places — i.e. sheep farms, where we are being fleeced, milked and slaughtered eventually. Same about cell phones, apartments, etc. 
Bottom line is this: You are NOT allowed to have independent life, to live where you want, to build a house wherever you want, to grow plants and fruits, to hunt and fish when you need it, without obtaining permission from the “sheep owners” or paying taxes for the land, water, electricity, etc. Remember, your current job in the city is NOT needed for society at all, all jobs are only a mask, to screen away the true reason behind them — to turn you into speechless brainless energy supply for the few on the top, who never worked in their entire life. 
There is only ONE category of jobs that are needed — and it is ART. Paintings, Music, Poetry, Dancing, etc., and whatever else you can do in an Art form. Because these are activities for the soul — the only real thing that is. And all other skills that you may possess also had to be turned into an art form. In ideal society there should be no money as value exchange unit. It was created only for the purpose of enslaving you. The only currency in such ideal society would be love, laughter, gifts, services and presents given to each other freely from the heart, society where there would be nothing to compete and fight for. Society living in abundant green earth, which is vast and rich enough to feed and sustain everyone.